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1Expert: University of Michigan Professor Wages 'Academic Warfare Against Israel' 2Swedish police rough treatment of Chinese tourists Chinese Embassy in Switzerland 3Rapper Mac Miller dead of overdose at 26: reports 4It matches the iPhone XS / XR! Beats headset new color on shelf 5Landslides leave dozens missing after quake hits Japan's Hokkaido 6How to Push Back Against Russia: The Trump Administration Must Revitalize NATO’s Nukes 7Not again! The 82-year-old Peking University retired professor will report the proof of Riemann's conjecture! 8China cancels trade talks with US amid escalation in tariff threats 9Florence gains strength, now a Category 3 hurricane 10People's Liberation Army Debut Russia's "Tank Wars" Russian Media Praise: The Most Disciplinary Team
Former Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council served as Dean of Tsinghua University: Governor of Chang 'an Street, Governor of Chang' an Street(WeChat ID: Capitol News) was informed that Jiangxiaojuan, former Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council and alternate memb
& lt; P & GT; On the 15th, South Korean military TNT blew up the North Korean soldiers at the post. & lt; / P & GT; & lt; P & GT; On November 15th, the Overseas Network began to dismantle Hanjunfang's 10 posts in the demilitarized zone in accordance with t
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Eurozone Not Ready for New Crisis Amid Italy Budget Standoff - Finance Minister 【World - China】Nov 15 【World - China】15 ambassadors to China sent a letter to Xinjiang Hua Chunying: Does it make sense?Nov 15 【World - China】Number four! British "Brexit" Secretary General ResignsNov 15 【World - China】News! Saudi prosecutors admit Shuji was mutilated and five officials face the death penaltyNov 15 【World - China】Double 11-speed global &; Quot; Chop hands &; Quot; List: Russians are hoarding autumn trousers, Israelis are afraid of foot odor, Saudis are the most localNov 15 【World - China】News! The Turks maintain that the murder of Shuji was "premeditated"Nov 15 【World - China】The purchase of 36 fighter planes was questioned by the Indian government: 400 were built next doorNov 15 【World - China】The first criminal case of evil forces in Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia was sentenced by the court of first instanceNov 15 【World - China】The bank card was frozen before he knew about the lawsuit, the prosecution supervised the restoration of the truth.Nov 15
My domestic first generation 053K frigate strength is not poor but only built 2 ships only because there is no missile 【Opinion - China】The Chinese model of poverty alleviation can not be achieved by any developed country in the WestNov 15 【Opinion - China】The United States said Hong Kong Affairs Hong Kong Government: Foreign countries should not interfere in any formNov 15 【Opinion - China】Xinhua News Agency is authorized to broadcast "Some Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the Deepening and Normative Development of Pre-school Education"Nov 15 【Opinion - China】Anqing finless porpoise protection area "being slimmed down" tracking: for outstanding problems, we can change immediatelyNov 15 【Opinion - China】A traffic detachment of the Tibetan Armed Police, Qingtong 318 National Road, Mangkang County blocked sectionNov 15 【Opinion - China】Henan Jiaozuo City former deputy mayor Weichaojie was arrested: suspected of accepting bribes, was the initiative to surrenderNov 15 【Opinion - China】Five-star hotel rating: a total of 84 hard standards, the certificate is only valid for 3 yearsNov 15 【Opinion - China】Chinese Extreme Marathon champion cross country skiing to win the Beijing Winter Olympics "admission ticket"Nov 15 【Opinion - China】Zhengchengyue, guangping County, Hebei province: there is no problem of letting him leave his post alone in advanceNov 15
Chinese and Indian officials hold the 9th China-India Defense and Security Consultation 【Military - China】Japanese Media Comments: Sino-US Fighting Japan's Diplomacy Don't Lose BalanceNov 15 【Military - China】Senior Japanese officials in charge of cyber security have not used computer netizens: Are you not ashamed?Nov 15 【Military - China】Saudi prosecutors: Shuji dismembered 5 officials face the death penaltyNov 15 【Military - China】Taipei Imperial Palace staff broke the news that there was a conspiracy to relocate the cultural relics South: completely dismantle the "Chinese signboard".Nov 15 【Military - Russia】Thailand plans to boost trade with Russia to $10 bln by 2020Nov 15 【Military - China】What is the practical significance of my defoliation maneuver: At this time the radar can not see it clearlyNov 15 【Military - China】The Turkish Altay tank is finally going to mass production, which has been delayed for 10 years.Nov 15 【Military - China】The Russian army restored the political instructors, the system, the deputy company chief, and returned to the army.Nov 15 【Military - China】Indian unit price of 240 million purchasing Rafale fighter will become our army's strong opponent of 16Nov 15
Putin, US Vice President Pence chat ‘on-the-go’ at East Asia Summit 【Politics - Russia】Russian Church slams crusade to strong-arm Ukrainian clergy into ‘unification’ councilNov 15 【Politics - Russia】Saudi prosecution seeks death penalty for Khashoggi’s murderersNov 15 【Politics - Russia】Russian state facilities and banks under powerful hacker attacks, says diplomatNov 15 【Politics - Russia】Kadyrov presented a Mercedes to a 5-year-old boy who did more than 4,000 push-ups.Nov 15 【Politics - Russia】The famous Korean men's group is trapped in the Nazi stormNov 15 【Politics - Russia】White Paper: The Languages and Characters of Xinjiang Ethnic Groups are Widely UsedNov 15 【Politics - Russia】Sanctions will not hamper Russia’s partnership with other countries, vows PutinNov 15 【Politics - Russia】Russia to work with any new administration in Ukraine, says PutinNov 15 【Politics - Russia】President of the European Council: The EU will sign the Brexit Agreement on November 25Nov 15
14 leaders of the Fucai Center embezzled 136 billion block chains or enabling lottery industry 【Economics - China】The cooling situation of house prices in hot cities shows that "Jinjiuyin" is not enough to become a colorNov 15 【Economics - China】Old Age Industry New CircuitNov 15 【Economics - China】The Shanghai Stock Exchange's intensive voice department has actively promotedNov 15 【Economics - China】Le Vision was promoted by Zhongtai Chuangying more than 1.9 billion yuanNov 15 【Economics - China】HNA Foundation: 1 billion yuan acquisition of a light asset company held by HNA GroupNov 15 【Economics - China】Private parks are not allowed to go public either alone or as part of their assetsNov 15 【Economics - China】Brexit headline "Bombing" economic data also added to pound bulls from heaven to hellNov 15 【Economics - China】The story of leaving the European Union has turned sharply. It is not easy for the euro to be alone.Nov 15 【Economics - China】China Southern will withdraw from SkyTeam. What's its new choice?Nov 15
Two consecutive American appliances caught fire Xi'an consumers demanded a thorough investigation of the cause of the fire 【Technology - China】See Sony Imaging Ambassador Guojuntan's full picture micro-single & amp; # 8482;Nov 15 【Technology - China】Is the deep Kryptonite subroutine overrated?Nov 15 【Technology - China】ColorOS 5th anniversary press conference coming up! Looking forward to a new change.Nov 15 【Technology - China】Sharp R2Compact released equipped with a Dragon 845 processorNov 15 【Technology - China】Tsinghua chip past: the Chinese chip industry half the country, the National "core" depends on them!Nov 15 【Technology - China】Ali's response to "mutual insurance" was interviewedNov 15 【Technology - China】Hong Kong Subway formally access to Hong Kong version of AlipayNov 15 【Technology - China】Cheeky? RaccoonNov 15 【Technology - China】The ISICDM2018 Pancreatic Segmentation Challenge Ranking of "True Knife" was revealed, and Sun Yat-sen University's Computing Medical Imaging Laboratory won the championshipNov 15
Air skills star Chengshuang retired for five years before returning to prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics 【Culture - China】Liantan VR visual effect innovation gives people excitement and laughter called "learning from old age"Nov 15 【Culture - China】Bigan had married a film company for a year and his family didn't know he was making movies.Nov 15 【Culture - China】Wanghaiyan and her husband Zhangjiayi take a photo of their feelings to dispel rumors of divorceNov 15 【Culture - China】37-Year-Old hot mom Quan Zhixian new exposure red lip skin clothing domineering exposedNov 15 【Culture - China】China A Awards Ceremony Litierongying's best coach XuanliNov 15 【Culture - China】China Sailing City Alliance to launch the sailing industry to usher in a new era for the whole nationNov 15 【Culture - China】Forbes released 2018 Asian Charity Heroes List Lin Zhiling on the listNov 15 【Culture - China】U21 National Olympic VS Thailand Starting: LinliangmingdaliuruofanxidingkeNov 15 【Culture - China】A heavy ticket! Jianye Gucao insulted the referee and was suspended for 10 games and fined 70,000 yuan.Nov 15
Wen kept Putin waiting while he met with Burns until he fell asleep. 【Sociology - France】Fickou and Huget drafted into France team to face ArgentinaNov 15 【Sociology - France】PM May hit by resignations over Brexit draft dealNov 15 【Sociology - France】Punch-up in Sri Lankan parliament as thousands rallyNov 15 【Sociology - France】Five Saudi officials face death penalty for Khashoggi murderNov 15 【Sociology - China】Hong Kong Senior Entertainment Records exposed Lan Jieying's "No Sexual Assault" but did not take more evidence.Nov 15 【Sociology - Britain】Paris mayor plans to pedestrianise city centreNov 15 【Sociology - Britain】Uganda orders military to protect Chinese businessesNov 15 【Sociology - China】Zhejiang University girls lost contact for 2 days and finally appeared in Lingyin Temple mobile phone has been foundNov 15 【Sociology - China】CCTV quick comment: keep pushing forward the new era reform and opening upNov 15
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